Only the Holocaust Matters

A recent dust-up happened with Trump’s spokesman comparing Assad to Hitler. But since nothing can compare to Hitler (except when it makes the point of the left where everything his Hitler), everyone is in faux-outrage mode.

The reactions and faux-outrage are what makes the meal so delicious. How dare anyone compare today’s suffering to that of the Jews of WWII? Everyone knows that only the Jews suffered throughout history. All other victims through time were just side acts.

Yet, my encyclopedia set from the early 1980s does not make any mention of the holocaust. I wasn’t even taught about it much in school except in passing about general WWII history.

The focus on this singular event of the holocaust is a recent feat of propaganda, and diminishes the deaths of so many more people from WWII. Russia lost 20 million soldiers and civilians during that war. Why are they ignored? How about the millions of other Europeans that were slaughtered in combat, starved to death, or killed by other means?

The focus on the holocaust as the only outcome and purpose for WWII is despicable because it varnishes over history and makes all other victims seem secondary.

For instance, Britain suffered terribly in terms of dead soldiers, bombed cities, and destruction of their society. I wonder if British soldiers were told before they boarded their leaky boats to land at Normandy that in 70 years:

1) London would have a Muslim mayor running a mass immigration diversity racket that has made London majority non-British.
2) Only the Jews would be remembered as victims of WWII.

Would they have fought knowing these things? To even mention that as a possible future outcome they would have thought you’ve gone mad and laughed at you.

My grandfather fought in WWII and lost friends and family members to the whole mess. To make WWII only about the Jews diminishes the sacrifice of so many people in a war that was a disaster to the European people.

Sean Spicer’s comments were dumb not because they compared Assad to Hitler. Rather they were dumb because not everything is about the Jews and Hitler. Can we find a new punching bag than a defunct German political party from 70 years ago? And if we’re going to make this dumb comparison can we at least acknowledge that many more people than Jews were killed in the war?


The war drums are beating for regime change in Syria. What will replace the secular government that ran the place? Well we’ve had good success in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya so we shouldn’t concern ourselves with these trivialities.

I do notice though that all of Trump’s children still appear to be of enlistment age. What better way to celebrate family unity than going off to fight a war for daddy?

Come to think of it, I don’t recall ever seeing Bush’s, Hillary’s, or Obama’s children donning fatigues either. Strange.

It seems the real plan is to send some more southern white Christians to fight and die for our greatest ally. That has been the traditional payment plan to date, and also ensures our greatest ally can spare their precious young.

I think a good troll would be to start mailing enlistment forms to Trump’s children.

In the meantime, you can show your dedication below:

Our Greatest Ally Dedication Form DD-4

Stockholm in the Spring

The Swedes opened their country and homes to the orcs, and then are surprised when the orcs act orcish with the latest terrorist attack. It seems that offering hugs and flowers has yet again failed to deter Islam from acting like Islam even in peaceful Sweden.

Uzbekistan Swedish Man Arrested in Terrorist Attack

Swedish police on Saturday identified the suspected truck driver who killed four people in Stockholm as a 39-year-old man from Uzbekistan Sweden a day after Europe’s latest terror attack.

Intelligence agency chief Anders Thornberg said the man “has appeared in our intelligence gathering in the past”, but had no previous links to extremism.

The better question to ask is: Why was a man who was showing up in national intelligence radar allowed to enter the country, let alone remain in the country at all?

Porter summarizes:

Driver Loses Control Not Many Dead

A Swedish child that has been culturally enriched.

I was in Sweden several years back and the rot was just starting to take shape. I avoided southern cities like Malmo and Gothenburg as the diversity was already quite bad according to my sources.

Stockholm was pleasant, but in the public areas you could see congregations of young men who were clearly not Swedish. Today it must be incredibly bad but the Swedes are under horrendous political pressure and threats to not say anything.

In case you aren’t aware, Sweden has more grenade attacks than any other Western country on the planet:

List of Grenade Attacks in Sweden

Maybe I just don’t understand Swedish culture, but is lobbing grenades at each other how they traditionally celebrated special occasions in the past?

Consider today that Sweden is only about 10 million people, of which only about 8 million are what we’d actually call real ethnic Swedes. The rest are imported invaders who are about as Swedish as Madonna is chaste.

The population of the planet is over 7 billion people. It is not unreasonable to say that at least 3.5 billion of them would like to move to Sweden if given the chance. How many does Sweden bring in before they have achieved adequate diversity for their liking?

Would 8 million be enough? How about 80 million?

If some diversity is good, why wouldn’t a lot of it be better? The left never has an answer to this simple question on what the upper limit is with immigration into Western countries.

At what point does Sweden stop being Sweden but just turns into a really cold third-world shithole?

At this rate, probably about the year 2030-2040.

Bundle up.

Chemical Gas and I Still Don’t Care

I’m very disappointed that Trump has decided to bomb Syria, but I suppose it has been obvious for years that solving anything through the electoral process has almost no chance of working in any Western country.

I don’t care about Syria. I don’t care about the entire region. I don’t care how they kill themselves or in what numbers or with how they do it. I just don’t care.

Even if Assad was personally going into classrooms and cutting the throats of five year old Syrian children before setting their bodies on fire with homemade napalm dispersed by African killer bees, I still wouldn’t care.

Trump was elected to secure the border, deport the squatters, and stop meddling overseas. It’s not that hard for him to understand this, and yet we’re still bombing people for our greatest ally. Unbelievable.

The entire gas attack is blatant propaganda and you’d have to be a moron to think that Assad would have been the one to do it. The entire thing is Lusitania meets Twitter.

There are children being killed all over the world every day. Are we going to set U.S. foreign policy on who has the saddest photos of dead children?

If so, why doesn’t this one qualify:


We didn’t bomb Nice, France as a result of the truck attack by a muslim savage. Nor did we do the even smarter thing and deploy NATO troops to secure the borders of Europe against blatant invasion by Islam.

Why is it that this particular Middle East region gets so much of our attention vs. everywhere else? Rhetorical.

Old Wontons

One of the great lies in Western countries today is that women can have it all. They can have the partying in their 20s, a successful career in their 30s, and then slide into home plate and pump out a kid at age 39.

Corporations want to make it even easier for women to live this fantasy by putting children on ice:

Silicon Valley Companies Add New Benefit For Women: Egg-Freezing

GloboCorp wants to lure women into turning their best and most fertile years over to them. Why? So they can slave away in a cubicle making useless PowerPoint presentations and spreadsheets of course.

As a husband of a stay-at-home mom, I will tell you right now that what she does every day raising our children is far more important than any spreadsheet she ever made when she was working. Plus, she’s happier doing her current work raising a family than she ever was working for GloboCorp. Women like being mothers even if it is stressful at times. Plus, men appreciate women who are good mothers and partners for them at the same time.

It is fascinating reading what companies like Apple and Facebook are doing by offering egg freezing. They say it is a perk asked for by their employees, but surely they know at some level what it really means. The worse part though are the poor women who are led down this primrose path thinking that a man would ever be remotely interested in her just because she froze her eggs for that special moment.

Can a more sterile and detached view of life exist than the following conversation while dating:

Man: “I want to have a family one day. How do you feel about that and how old are you?”

Her: “I’m 39,  but don’t worry I have my eggs frozen for future use sponsored by Apple.”

Man: “NEXT.”

I know the enlightened feminists of today would scoff at such heartlessness, but even women know the score. Nature makes sure they know it every day they look in the mirror. Nobody wants the old wontons.

Women need to understand that life is like a buffet. Except instead of food, it’s your selection of men. This Buffet of Life goes from about 6-9PM.

If you show up at 6PM you get to select the best and freshest men. Women are in this position from their teens up to their mid-20s. They have the best chance to find a good man and settle down to have a family.

By the time 7PM rolls around the buffet is pretty crowded and is getting picked over fast. Good men are going away. This time for a woman is between ages 25-30.

At 8PM the crowds are dying out and fresh men are not brought out as fast. You will be left with what is less popular and probably dried and burnt. Women age 30-35.

At 8:45PM you are left with nothing but the old wontons nobody wants. Hello age 35+ for women.

The man seeking a mate for a family sees the same thing at the buffet, except now the 35+ women are the old wontons. They don’t want you and women in this age range know perfectly well why they aren’t wanted despite what caterwauling they hear from feminists.

The Buffet of Life

A man that wants a family is going to find a woman that is age 30 or younger as their goal. They are not going to grab the 35+ woman with frozen eggs. This speaks to the psychology of the woman that she would even go through this procedure to delay nature. She is not going to be a good mother because her priorities were all wrong the entire time.

Men are naturally programmed to know the expiration date of a woman. We don’t need to see a scientifically derived chart showing fertility rates falling past age 30, and going off a cliff after age 35. No quality man wants to date a 39 year old woman with frozen eggs if they want a family. They instinctively know the odds are against having a child, let alone a healthy one.

Feminists have lied to women and sold them a fairy tale of how life works. If you want a family and to be happy, show up at the buffet as early as possible and don’t work at companies offering to freeze your eggs.

H1B Terror

I sense a disturbance in the cheap labor lobby force. It’s as if a million stock options of greedy CEOs suddenly cried out in terror and then fell silent.

USCIS Announces Further Measures to Detect H-1B Visa Fraud and Abuse

Targeted site visits will allow USCIS to focus resources where fraud and abuse of the H-1B program may be more likely to occur, and determine whether H-1B dependent employers are evading their obligation to make a good faith effort to recruit U.S. workers. USCIS will continue random and unannounced visits nationwide. These site visits are not meant to target nonimmigrant employees for any kind of criminal or administrative action but rather to identify employers who are abusing the system.

Godspeed Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Having worked with Silicon Valley companies for years, I have seen the rampant abuse of the H1B program to displace American workers. H1B workers depress American’s  salaries. Even worse, Americans are often replaced with the imported help after being told to train them. It’s a disgrace.

The above doesn’t even include the ethnic nepotism of Indian and Chinese workers at these companies once they work their way in with enough numbers to influence hiring. Once a development team goes Indian or Chinese, it stays Indian or Chinese because that’s all they’ll hire going forward.

Ethnic politics for thee, but not for me.

What’s that you say? You think that we need these H1Bs because they are so much smarter and better than white Americans? The same white Americans that built Silicon Valley and most major tech companies in the world?

Don’t be so selfish. Just think how greedy we are as a country to be taking in the best and brightest from around the world for our own purposes. These H1Bs are so valuable that we should be ashamed to be taking them away from places like India that may need them more than we do. That’s why the only solution is to send them back.

It will be hard to cope without their superior knowledge and culture, but somehow we’ll just have to manage.